Cali is our first grandkitten! One of our girl Pond's daughters went to a breeder in Arkansas and we always said one day that we would get a kitten from her. When we saw Cali's grumpy face we knew she was the one! Not to mention her beautiful coloring and we knew her personality would be amazing. She absolutely loves to be in the kitty hammock part of a cat tree, or if that's unavailable then she will happily nap in a box or dresser drawer. She just loves cozy spaces that she can squeeze in! She's so playful and will come running if she hears a bell, but especially loves it if you throw it to play fetch with her.

  1. Official Name Keystone Cats Cali
  2. Name Meaning She's calico of course!
  3. Nicknames Cali Wally
  4. Coat Color Calico (Red and Black)
  5. Birthday 04/16/17
  6. Favorite Toy Bell ball