Drake is a sweet and adventurous boy that stole our hearts from the moment he was born. He is our girl Willow's son, who bred with a beautiful black and white longhair stud named Sebastian before she came to live with us. When we saw his face we couldn't let him go and decided to keep him to be a dad one day! What an amazing decision that was since he has given us some of our most beautiful and precious kittens to date. We usually give him the "lion cut" because it's so adorable and he loves it!

  1. Official Name Keystone Cats Mandrake
  2. Name Meaning Named after the mandrake root used in Harry Potter
  3. Nicknames Drakey, Drakey Bakey, Bacon
  4. Coat Color Chocolate - Longhair
  5. Birthday 09/17/16
  6. Favorite Toy Fishing pole