Holly has so much personality packed into one little kitty! She is our boy Drake's sister, and our girl Willow's daughter. She was supposed to go to another breeder who decided not to take her, which made us secretly very excited so we could keep her all to ourselves instead! There's not a single cat in existence that Holly wouldn't get along with. She is so happy-go-lucky that she immediately becomes bff's with whoever she's around. She loves every human she has ever met and is the first one to greet visitors at the door, as long as she isn't in a deep sleep on top of fuzzy blanket. She is known for tilting her head to the side when she wants to look cute for treats! Works every time.

  1. Official Name Keystone Cats Holly and Phoenix Wand
  2. Name Meaning Named after Harry Potter's wand which is made of holly with a phoenix feather core
  3. Nicknames Holly Jolly, Hols, Floppy
  4. Coat Color Chocolate with White
  5. Birthday 09/17/16
  6. Favorite Toy Fuzzy white mouse