Josie came from Ukraine and we specifically fell in love with her because of her chubby cheeks and huge eyes! Little did we know she would also have the most amazing personality that matched her innocent look. She really is as angelic as her face makes you think! She is small but her purr is as loud as a lioness. She gets even louder if you pet both cheeks at the same time then rub above her nose. We love her so much we kept two of her kittens! Our boy Pippin and our girl Tealy were so perfect we couldn't let them go. She still tries to mother them every once in a while, and they still are happy to let her baby them.

  1. Official Name Anasteishen Kis Arisha of Keystone Cats
  2. Name Meaning We renamed her after a song from the band blink-182
  3. Nicknames Dosie, Dose, Jose
  4. Coat Color Brown Mackerel Tabby
  5. Birthday 06/21/15
  6. Favorite Toy Fishing pole