From the moment Pond came to us from Colorado as a tiny baby kitten, she established herself as ruler of the house. She is without doubt the Queen of the cats and even has us humans wrapped around her itty bitty paws. She may be tiny, but she is very mighty! She is known for making muffins on us while we are trying to sleep, and if the kneading doesn't work she will just sit on top of you until you pay attention to her. She knows the word "treat" and will come running down two flights of stairs if we even whisper it. She is a fantastic mom who loves to hug her kittens and is great at teaching them how to be as awesome as she is.

  1. Official Name Keystone Cats Come Along Pond
  2. Name Meaning Named after Amy Pond in Doctor Who
  3. Nicknames Baby Pond, BP, Queen P, Constable Pond
  4. Coat Color Brown Agouti Tabby
  5. Birthday 03/26/14
  6. Favorite Toy Fuzzy ball