We got River from our breeder friend that we also got Willow from, although they aren't related at all. We saw her grumpy face and big bunny feet and immediately fell in love! She is so goofy she makes us laugh every single day. If she sees anything flying through the air her eyes dilate insanely huge and she attacks, but usually misses. Sometimes when she runs she hops like a bunny, especially if chasing the laser pointer. Her feet are so big and fluffy, and her hair is softer than any other cat we have ever seen. She is such a good mom and is always obsessed with licking her kittens and keeping them clean. She's so easygoing though and let's them explore the world sooner than some overprotective moms, which means her kittens are usually to be found climbing the cat tree sooner than most!

  1. Official Name Lion Lily Ariella of Keystone Cats (River)
  2. Name Meaning We renamed her after River Song from Doctor Who
  3. Nicknames Rivs, Little Riv, Bivers
  4. Coat Color Lilac with White
  5. Birthday 11/04/14
  6. Favorite Toy Laser pointer