Sansa came to us all the way from Russia and was instantly acting like she owned the place. She has a very big personality but her little tongue sticks out most of the time which is a hilarious contrast to how she acts. She is best friends with our girl Dany and together they rule the house, Sansa thinking she's in charge with Dany as her deputy. She loves kittens and is a happy and willing foster mom if anyone needs help. She will raise them as her own from the second we set them down in front of her! Most of the day she can be found sleeping on the human's bed because she thinks it is hers. Honestly it might as well be!

  1. Official Name Irinini Gretzi Lily of Keystone Cats
  2. Name Meaning We renamed her after fellow tenacious ginger Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones
  3. Nicknames Snazzy, Sans
  4. Coat Color Cream
  5. Birthday 06/01/15
  6. Favorite Toy Crinkle balls