We fell in love with Tealy the second she was born and immediately decided we could never let her go! We loved the big "target" on her side and her beautiful color, and since she's Josie's daughter we knew she would have an amazing personality to go along with her gorgeous looks. We ended up keeping her and her brother Pippin both from the same litter! We obviously have a weakness, but they're just so perfect how could we not? Most cats love high places, but Tealy would love to live her life 5 feet up in the air if she could. She can always be found napping on our cat shelves or the very top of a cat tree. Of course all we have to do is call her name and she immediately jumps down to be petted! Or if she hears the food bag rustle...

  1. Official Name Keystone Cats Tealy
  2. Name Meaning When she was born she was a teal color and the nickname stuck
  3. Nicknames Mini Josie, Sneely
  4. Coat Color Blue Classic Tabby
  5. Birthday 03/30/17
  6. Favorite Toy Milk tabs