We got Willow from our breeder friend that we had also gotten her brother Louis from the year before. We had always wanted Willow since we got Louis, so when we found out she was rehoming her we snatched her up! She is a very vocal girl who meows at you until you pet her. She enjoys laying on her back and getting belly rubs every day, and then falls asleep right there in the middle of the floor. She has always been chunky and will push kitties out of the way to get to the food bowl, although she's not really a fan of treats. She is such a good mom that she will foster other mom's kittens if needed! She loves kittens so much she will even take ones that aren't hers and put them in her nest. We couldn't ask for a sweeter girl!

  1. Official Name Lion Lily Wasabi of Keystone Cats
  2. Name Meaning We renamed her after the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter
  3. Nicknames Biddow, Grandma Willow, Lilac Lady
  4. Coat Color Lilac
  5. Birthday 04/13/13
  6. Favorite Toy Pipe cleaners