Ygritte is a wonderful girl that came from not so great circumstances. She was owned by another breeder that had recently passed away and was being kept basically in a barn. We often say that we "rescued" her because she was dirty and scared when we picked her up. After a bath and lots of affection from us she began to trust us and love her new home. She is still one of our sweetest kitties and isn't sassy like some intact females can be. She always welcomes any new kitties we might get in a way that we think is saying, "don't worry you're safe here." She is such a loving mom and is very sweet to her babies, especially the little boys who she tends to spoil. She is truly happiest when she has little ones to look after and care for.

  1. Official Name Caleb Cats Rosie of Keystone Cats
  2. Name Meaning We renamed her after Ygritte from Game of Thrones
  3. Nicknames Iggy, Igs, Igit
  4. Coat Color Dilute Calico (Blue and Cream)
  5. Birthday 08/16/13
  6. Favorite Toy Bell balls