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Bringing kittens together with their perfect family for a lifetime of love and happiness!

Keystone Cats is a CFA Registered cattery located in Coatesville, PA. We specialize in the Exotic Shorthair breed – a gentle and calm breed that is reminiscent of the Persian but with livelier personalities and less hair! We started breeding as a hobby in 2015 and immediately got bombarded with inquiries for kittens. Since this has always been a family endeavor, we decided to stay home with our babies and dive in to the cat breeding world completely. We have now flown kittens all over the country, from California to Maine, and established an amazing network of Keystone Families who we love and still keep in touch with regularly!

We often say we’re a unique “multi-home cattery”. This means that we do not have all our cats in one house – which can be common among breeders – but, instead, have them split between two family homes! This ensures not only better socialization, but it also keeps them significantly more healthy. Although we adore the Exotic Shorthair for their cuteness, their health and quality of life comes first. Our cats and kittens live with us and our young children as a part of our family, so they are first and foremost our pets. This is also a great way to ensure all our kittens are well socialized and more likely to be loving, trusting, affectionate and well-behaved with their new family!

We take pride in breaking the stereotypes of a breeder and constantly challenge the expectations people have in what they think their experience will be adopting a purebred cat. We feel very strongly that we have a responsibility as caregivers, pet owners, and breeders to recognize that each cat deserves to be loved. They depend on us to provide for them, so we make sure they are safe and happy. We have helped many people in the past with re-homing cats in dangerous situations, answering questions about general cat health concerns, and tips on working with a breeder – even if you aren’t adopting one of our kittens! We’re always happy to help and love to be able to use our unique knowledge for the happiness of all cats!

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Our Cats


Check out our handsome fellas to see where our kittens get their chubby cheeks from


Take a look at all our beautiful ladies and learn more about how they love snuggling with their sweet babies

Past Kittens

See examples of some of our adorable kittens who have already found their forever homes

“…All the cats are so clean and well taken care of. They truly grow and learn in a home environment…the contracts are very easy to understand and also make sure the new owner is responsible for their new kitten. They don’t just hand over the kitten and not care about their future. I would highly recommend Keystone Cats.”

- Liath's new family

“Bixby and Cheddage have quickly settled into their new home and we are completely in love with them. It’s clear that they have been appropriately handled and well socialized, and we really couldn’t have dreamed of sweeter kittens.”

- Bixby and Cheddage's new family

“Sophie is the perfect kitten…My veterinarian even commented that it was clear that her breeding family took great care of her both in terms of physical health and socialization. I would definitely recommend Keystone Cats to anyone looking for a new addition to their family.”

- Sophie's new family

“They work very hard to make sure their kitties are ready for new homes. They are adamant about & dedicated to raising quality Exotic Shorthair kitties. I have spoken to, emailed and visited other facilities but I never got the sense of joy they show with their cats. Thank you for your hard work & dedication to quality breeding practices.”

- Rosie's new family
“As soon as I found Keystone Cats, I knew that I had found the right place! They were amazing throughout the entire process. Extremely helpful, friendly, and patient with my many questions :) Not to mention that the health and happiness of the kittens come first – which is why we were willing to drive across 3 states!”
- Luna's new family

~ FAQ ~

Frequently asked questions about cats & the Exotic shorthair breed


There is a lot of debate on what to feed our pets. Make sure high quality ingredients are clearly listed on the label, as well as the nutrient guarantees (percentage of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture). Keep in mind that ingredients are listed in order of their weight – which means items like chicken meat that contain more moisture and therefore weigh more are listed before dehydrated ingredients like the chicken meal that may provide more nutrients.

Each ingredient is important, but so is the amount! Protein should be around 30% for kittens and 26% for adults. Excess levels of protein, phosphorus, and sodium can cause kidney disease, while too much calcium may lead to the formation of urinary tract crystals. Taurine and other nutrients such as vitamin A, B1/B6/B12, C, D, zinc, manganese should all be included.

Our favorite brands are Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, Purina Pro Plan, Earthborn Holistic, and Nature’s Logic. You will truly notice a difference in your cat’s health, fur coat, litter box smell, and happiness when feeding them high quality food!


We have been using Arm and Hammer Slide for many years in open air litter boxes. We choose not to use any of the new options like crystal litter or automatic litter boxes because we are potty training baby kittens. We recommend that you try to use what we do at first so as not to confuse them, but once they have settled in you can switch things up and see how they like it!

Make sure that the litter box is in a quiet place where they will feel comfortable using it in private. The general rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra. Making sure you scoop regularly, provide enough boxes for the amount of cats you have, and that they feel comfortable in that area will keep accidents from happening!

If you do have an accident, make sure to use an enzyme cleaner. The protease enzyme will break down the organic matter protein and feed on ammonia crystals until they’re completely gone. It will make sure there are no stains left from any bodily fluids, but it will also eliminate the smell.


Many people try to eliminate their cat’s scratching, but it’s a completely normal and instinctive behavior that cannot go away! They do it to express emotions, remove the dead part of their nails, and to stretch their back and arm muscles – something they can only achieve by scratching.

We recommend having several different scratching posts located all over the house. Having both vertical and horizontal scratching areas made out of different materials can save your furniture and keep your cat happy.

Most vets will not perform the invasive procedure of declawing which involves amputating the bone, or knuckle, on each of the cat’s toes. Dozens of countries have banned declawing because it can cause permanent paw pain, back pain, lameness, and cause behavioral issues.

Their nails can be easily trimmed, or you can use the nail caps that come in cute colors and styles! If you don’t feel like you can trim them yourself, a vet or groomer can do it for you. If you would like to try it on your own, read this article on how!


Your kitten will need a pet carrier to be picked up from us, taken to the vet, and all travel. For their safety, we recommend having a hard carrier if you’re going to be driving a long distance because they will be better protected in the event of an accident. Soft carriers are fantastic for everyday use on short trips and usually come with more plush options like a fur lining or a bubble window.

If you already have a cat and plan on bringing home a new kitten then it is SO important to introduce them properly so they have the best chance of getting along and becoming friends! Watch this video on how to introduce a new kitten – a method we have used multiple times ourselves with success each time.


Exotic shorthairs are a brachycephalic, or snub-nose, breed which means that their tear ducts are all squished up in their adorable flat face. With this comes the most common problem: weepy eyes.

Most of the time all you have to do is simply wipe them when you notice they need to be cleaned off using a clean cloth or damp paper towel. Some cats are worse than others and may need more attention. L-lysine Gel is a supplement that targets eye health and helps them have a general healthy immune system. Every cat is different, some may never need this product, but if you find you have issues with excessive tearing it can really make a difference!


Most Exotics only need brushed once a week or so, and usually they aren’t known to shed too much. Every year they will lose their winter coat and summer coat and will have a shedding period, but if you brush more often during those times then that will help them get through it quicker. We use a slicker brush for regular brushing, but during periods of high shedding we use the “Furminator” because it removes the loose hair and undercoat without damaging the topcoat or hurting their delicate skin. But be careful! You can over groom with this tool, so make sure to read the instructions and only use it sparingly.

If you bring home an exotic longhair kitten, however, you will have to pamper them more often! They need to be brushed daily – just like their ancestor, the persian.

We want to hear from you!

Whether you have a question about the Keystone Cats cattery, our available kittens, the adoption process, or help with the exotic shorthair breed, we are ready to chat! Let us know any questions you might have and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.