Our Dads

To us, personality is just as important as appearance. All of our dads are sweet and loving boys that pass down their gentle nature to their kittens! They usually get to spend some time around their kittens, if possible, because we feel it’s important to socialize the kitten with not only their moms and us humans, but other adult cats too. Who better than their own dad to show them how to pounce on a toy mouse or use a scratching post?


Percy came to us all the way from Russia as a proven sire. He immediately integrated in and felt like he had always been part of the family! He is truly the perfect boy, not only is he sweet but also still loves to play like he’s a tiny kitten – even though he is a very big boy! In fact, he is our biggest cat and we often joke that his head is the size of a bowling ball! We love having him and he really is our lucky black cat.

  • Official Name: Gentle Miracle Perseus of Keystone Cats
  • Name Meaning: We just shortened his name from his previous owner
  • Nicknames: Percival, Percy Boy, Pumpkin Eyes
  • Coat Color: Black
  • Birthday: September 23
  • Favorite Toy: Cardboard boxes


Pippin is possibly the most cuddly cat on the planet, he even loves to give kisses! The look on his face when he knows he’s about to get petted is priceless. He definitely inherited that from his mom Josie, who is also one of our girls! When he was only a few weeks old he had a video that got over 1,000,000 views on Instagram, making him our most viewed kitty ever. When he got older and his chubby cheeks squished up while he slept on our bed we decided there was no way we could let him go!

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Pippin Of The Shire
  • Name Meaning: Named after Peregrin Took (Pippin) from The Lord of the Rings
  • Nicknames: Pip, Pip-pip, Pippy, Pippers
  • Coat Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby
  • Birthday: March 30
  • Favorite Toy: Stuffed green frog


Drake is a sweet and adventurous boy that stole our hearts from the moment he was born here with us. When we saw his fluffy chocolate face we couldn’t let him go and decided to keep him to be a dad one day! What an amazing decision that was since he has given us some of our most beautiful kittens to date. Since he’s longhair, we usually give him the “lion cut” because it’s more comfortable for him and he actually doesn’t mind getting a haircut at all!

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Mandrake
  • Name Meaning: Named after the mandrake root used in Harry Potter
  • Nicknames: Drakey, Drakey Bakey, Draken Bacon
  • Coat Color: Chocolate – Longhair
  • Birthday: September 17
  • Favorite Toy: Fishing pole


Jamie is one of the most chill cats ever! His personality has been like that from the minute we met him. We drove down to Virginia and picked him up from the Art In Motion cattery and the entire ride home he lounged in the car seat and watched the cars pass by! He is most often found snoozing in the weirdest places or playing with kittens. He hasn’t met a cat he didn’t love and will snuggle/play with anyone!

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats James Alexander Malcolm “Jamie” MacKenzie Fraser
  • Name Meaning: Named after the ginger-haired Scotsman in the book/TV show “Outlander”
  • Nicknames: Jamie Wamey, James, Butter Butt
  • Coat Color: Red tabby & white
  • Birthday: April 11
  • Favorite Toy: Catnip mouse