Our Moms

At this point, most of our moms were born and raised here with us! We were there the minute they entered this world and we said, “Oh, you’re staying here forever…”
Our moms are truly the backbone of Keystone Cats. They’re the ones teaching their babies how to “be a cat” from the moment they’re born. Feeding them and keeping them clean isn’t their only job, though, they also provide the most important thing: love. There’s honestly nothing more incredible than watching a mama cat with her babies. They snuggle them close, quite literally giving them hugs and kisses! And when they’re older they play with them and teach them how to have fun. Our girls are so amazing and we make sure to treat them like the queens they are.


Holly has so much personality packed into one little kitty! She is our boy Drake’s sister and was supposed to go to another breeder who decided not to take her, which made us secretly very excited so we could keep her all to ourselves instead! She loves every human she has ever met and is the first one to greet visitors at the door, as long as she isn’t in a deep sleep on top of fuzzy blanket. If you aren’t paying enough attention to her she will meow until you stop what you’re doing and pet her, which is obviously always the top priority. She is known for tilting her head to the side when she wants to look cute for treats! It works every time…

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Holly and Phoenix Wand
  • Name Meaning: Named after Harry Potter’s wand made of holly with a phoenix feather core
  • Nicknames: Holly Jolly, Hols, Floppy
  • Coat Color: Chocolate & White
  • Birthday: September 17
  • Favorite Toy: Kid’s socks – she steals them from the laundry basket!


Dany is our boy Pippin’s aunt! She is great with teaching younger kittens how to behave, even if they aren’t her own. Although she’s a firm instructor, she’s also incredibly sweet and loving to everyone around her. She meows the second we walk into the room, even if she’s been asleep, as if to say, “Hey, I’m over here!” She loves being petted so much she stands on her hind legs every single time to meet your hand because she can’t wait for it to reach her. Her kittens are always the most outgoing and fun, just like their mom!

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Daenerys
  • Name Meaning: Named after Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones
  • Nicknames: Dans, Dandan Noodle, Deputy Dany
  • Coat Color: Brown Agouti Tabby
  • Birthday: April 1
  • Favorite Toy: Catnip mouse


Josie came from Ukraine and we specifically fell in love with her because of her chubby cheeks and huge eyes! Little did we know she would also have the most amazing personality that matched her innocent look. She really is as angelic as her face makes you think! She is small but her purr is as loud as a lioness. She gets even louder if you pet both cheeks at the same time then rub above her nose. We love her so much we kept two of her kittens! Our boy Pippin and our girl Tealy were so perfect we couldn’t let them go. She still tries to mother them every once in a while, and they still are happy to let her baby them.

  • Official Name: Anasteishen Kis Arisha of Keystone Cats (Josie)
  • Name Meaning: We renamed her after a song from the band blink-182
  • Nicknames: Dosie, Dose, Jos
  • Coat Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby
  • Birthday: June 21
  • Favorite Toy: Fishing pole


We fell in love with Tealy the second she was born and immediately decided we could never let her go! We loved the big “target” on her side and her beautiful color, and since she’s Josie’s daughter we knew she would have an amazing personality to go along with her gorgeous looks. We actually kept her and her brother Pippin from the same litter! Most cats love high places, but Tealy would love to live her life 5 feet up in the air if she could. She can always be found napping on our cat shelves or the very top of a cat tree. Of course all we have to do is call her name and she immediately jumps down to be petted! Or if she hears the food bag rustle…

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Tealy
  • Name Meaning: When she was born she was a teal color and the nickname stuck
  • Nicknames: Mini Josie, Tealy Weely, Sweet Girl
  • Coat Color: Blue Classic Tabby
  • Birthday: March 30
  • Favorite Toy: Milk jug lids she steals from the trash


Molly’s tongue is almost always out and we love her for it! She gives kisses any time you try to pet her, even if she just met you. When people think of the loving and outgoing personality of the exotic shorthair, Molly is the cat they’re thinking of. She greets us at the door and sleeps on the couch next to us while we try to watch TV over her snoring. Every single one of her babies inherit her amazing personality…which is why we’ve already kept one of her daughters and granddaughters for ourselves! She also has a peace sign on her side which is very symbolic of her relaxed and friendly personality.

  • Official Name: Lion Lily Molly Weasley of Keystone Cats
  • Name Meaning: She’s a ginger mom who has a lot of ginger babies…we obviously had to name her Molly Weasley from Harry Potter!
  • Nicknames: Mamas, Molly Moo, Goofy Doof
  • Coat Color: Red Classic Tabby
  • Birthday: June 18
  • Favorite Toy: Fishing Pole


Although we’re technically focused on exotic shorthairs, occasionally a longhair steals our heart! When Minnie was a baby she looked like a little dust ball floating around and it was so precious to see her become a part of the family. The kids wouldn’t let her go so we decided to keep her and just do a lion haircut to avoid the long hair! She is Dany and Percy’s daughter and has a perfect blend of their personalities. The obsession with being petted comes from mom and the sweetness comes from dad! She’s also very good at loosing puzzle pieces, even though she thinks she’s “helping”…

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Minnie Mouse
  • Name Meaning: Can you tell the kids named her?
  • Nicknames: Min Min
  • Coat Color: Black Smoke (Longhair)
  • Birthday: July 22
  • Favorite Toy: Lost legos under the couch


Luna was one of the first tortie’s we had and so the moment she was born we decided to keep her! Luckily we did because she has had kittens in every color in the rainbow. All of our girls are excellent moms, but Luna is one of the best. She’ll even steal other babies if she sees them unattended for five seconds! If people say cats don’t feel emotions I tell them about her literally hugging her kittens with a smile on her face. There’s nothing sweeter in the world than seeing a mother’s love!

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Luna Loves Nargles
  • Name Meaning: We named her after Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter
  • Nicknames: Nunu, Luna Berry
  • Coat Color: Tortoiseshell
  • Birthday: February 17
  • Favorite Toy: Laser pointer


Dublin is one of the most docile cats we’ve ever known. Cats normally nap for 12-16 hours a day, but she beats that record. The only things she cares about are getting petted, treats, and her babies. If you make eye contact with her, you have to pet her! She will meow and beg until she gets the attention she deserves. If you go near the cabinet where treats are kept, she can hear your footsteps from two floors away and will come bounding down the stairs and start pawing at the cabinet door. Her babies are her greatest joy, though, and we’ve seen her quite literally hug them and pull them closer for cuddles!

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Dublin
  • Name Meaning: She was born on Saint Patrick’s Day!
  • Nicknames: Dubby, Tubbin, Dubs
  • Coat Color: Blue Tabby
  • Birthday: March 17
  • Favorite Toy: Laser Pointer


Cali was our first ever grand-kitten! When we saw her grumpy face we knew she was the one for us! Not to mention her beautiful coloring and we knew her personality would be amazing. She absolutely loves to be in the kitty hammock part of a cat tree, or if that’s unavailable then she will happily nap in a box or dresser drawer. She just loves cozy spaces that she can squeeze in! She’s so playful and will come running if she hears a bell, but especially loves it if you throw it to play fetch with her.

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Cali
  • Name Meaning: She’s calico of course!
  • Nicknames: Calley Walley
  • Coat Color: Calico
  • Birthday: April 16
  • Favorite Toy: Bell ball


Lucy has the typical exotic shorthair personality: sweet and silly! She prefers to be in the middle of whatever we’re doing, but if you can’t find her then it’s guaranteed that she’s found the weirdest place to nap. Trash can, baby stroller, fruit bowl, in the middle of the Christmas tree. If she fits, she sits. When she was born she became a quick favorite with the kids, so she had to stay! She loves to play and takes chasing the kids around the house very seriously.

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Lucy
  • Name Meaning: The kids named her! Who knows what from…we don’t ask anymore
  • Nicknames: Lucy Goosey, Loose
  • Coat Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby with White
  • Birthday: February 7
  • Favorite Toy: Playing tag with the kids


The minute Katara was born, we knew she wasn’t leaving! She was so chunky we called her chicken nugget, and still do sometimes…She is Molly’s granddaughter and has almost her exact same personality: goofy, head always in the clouds, very chill, and ready for snuggles 24/7. She greets us the second we step out of bed every morning along with her grandma Molly, they’re always first in line for some attention! She also inherited being a wonderful mom who plays with her kittens constantly, it’s SO sweet to watch!

  • Official Name: Keystone Cats Katara
  • Name Meaning: She’s named after the water bender in Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Nicknames: Kitty Katara, Chicky Nuggy, Chunky Monkey
  • Coat Color: Dilute Tortie
  • Birthday: June 6
  • Favorite Toy: Other cats! She’d rather play with her friends than any toy we buy her